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Reply to this post and leave a comment below to address the following issues with us. This is only for copyright violations, reporting spam, website privacy or security concerns, removing personal information, website technical errors, and inquiries about advertising. The specifics are below. Any other subject will most likely be ignored. Questions or statements related to the supernatural world can be asked in the comments under any of our articles.

Website Errors: This can include pages not loading properly or your browser recording an error. Grammatical errors as well. Anything related to the accuracy of our paranormal articles or the lack of your beliefs being reflected should stay within the comments of each page.

Copyright Violations: Report another site for copying our content or inform us that something on our site may violate the copyright of another person, website, or business.

Report Spam: We don’t market by email in any way shape or form as it’s annoying! Report any spam you receive that appears to be from us or even mentions our site in its content. 100% it’s not from us and is in fact a fraud!

Privacy Concerns: If you have an account on our website or spot any of your personal data on our pages then contact us and we will promptly delete it! You may also contact us with any concerns about our Privacy Policy or the general security of our website.

Advertising Inquiries: Although we don’t currently have an ad serving infrastructure in place we are open to any proposals. All ads on our site are currently from advertising networks or affiliate programs.

Please be sure to check out our Disclaimer NoticeCopyright Notice, And Privacy Policy.

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